Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

Although it was founded in 1950 by then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital in India opened its doors to the public in 1951. Since its inception, the vision of the hospital has always been to provide affordable, quality healthcare services and facilities to every part of society. It is also one of India’s most reputed hospitals that has a special trust to help fund free medical assistance to people who cannot afford expensive medical treatments and procedures. It has one of the most advanced and latest healthcare infrastructures in India and is home to some of the world’s most renowned doctors and specialists. This healthcare center has garnered several awards, including the Medical Excellence Award, CISCO technology Award, Healthcare Excellence Award, etc.

Special Highlights

  • It is located very close to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport.
  • Has an inpatient capacity of 350 beds
  • Latest treatments and procedures available in 55 medical specialties
  • 24/7 accident and emergency medical services and facilities
  • 24/7 laboratory and pharmaceutical services
  • Conducts different types of health camps in remote areas of the country
  • It has different kinds of latest and advanced imaging facilities, including radiography, 64 slice PET scan -CT scan with cardiac capability, high intensity focused ultrasound, MRI scanner, etc.
  • It is also equipped with MR-guided focused ultrasound surgery technology.
  • Nanavati’s super-specialty hospital also has different treatment solutions across various departments. This also includes rehabilitation, sports medicine, orthopedics, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, gynecology, nephrology, neurology, etc.
  • Impaneled hospital for various PSUs and private companies
  • Uses evidence-based treatment protocols to provide customized treatment solutions
  • Has the capabilities and resources to handle the most complex cases and procedures

Apollo Hospitals

The Apollo Group of hospitals is one of the best healthcare service providers in India, established in the year 1983. Today, it is one of the trusted names in hospitalization and healthcare services. Many people from various parts of the world visit Apollo hospital to avail themselves of state-of-the-art facilities like consultancy, pharmacy, diagnostics, and medical treatment and procedures. It has a broad spectrum of medical services and specialties. The staff here is dedicated to providing high standards of healthcare services and treatments. This group’s efforts are so evident that it has earned particular creditability and respect from its client base.

Special Highlights

  • In-patient capacity of 600 beds available in most locations
  • Advanced critical care units and operation theaters
  • Highly-equipped catheter laboratories
  • Air ambulance services for people living in poorly connected and remote areas of the country
  • It is the first hospital to receive the HACCP certification from the British Standards Institution.
  • It has more than 60 departments with an entourage of specialties like fertility experts, orthopedic surgeons, ophthalmologists, general surgeons, cardiologists, etc.
  • The neurological wing’s high-definition technological support has made the hospital one of the healthcare services leaders.
  • Not only does it provide modern-day emergency care, but it is one of Asia’s fewest healthcare service providers to perform robotic spinal surgical procedures.
  • Apollo hospital is also known for its transplantation programs and surgical procedures.
  • It also has some of the best surgeons in the world who provide and practice internationally. 
  • The hospital also has customized healthcare packages and facilities for its regular patients.

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)

Established in 1956, AIIMS is a healthcare service provider run by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. There is a reason why it is an internationally acclaimed hospital and one of the best hospitals in India. It is a combination of a top-class infrastructure blended with the latest and advanced equipment that supports quality healthcare services and facilities in the country. AIIMS is also one of the finest multispecialty hospitals in the world that have been providing the best healthcare services in India at economic rates. In the 21st century, the hospital has upgraded its reach with a high-tech online portal for patients to register themselves using their Aadhar card. Through this portal, they can also schedule their appointments and follow-ups. With a team of medical geniuses by its side, the hospital provides comprehensive medical treatments and care to all its patients.

Special Highlights

  • AIIMS has become a brand worldwide that has a reputation and stands for medical excellence.
  • It has an expert panel of doctors and specialists from various medical streams like Ophthalmic science, Neuroscience, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, etc. 
  • It has been ranked as the best hospital in the country by experts who conducted various surveys published in The Week and Outlook magazines. 
  • The hospital also specializes in medical fields like Neurology and Gynecology.
  • Annually, AIIMS deals and treats more than 3 million patients from various parts of the world and ensures that there are no compromises on the quality of the treatment. 
  • It is also known to provide quality healthcare services and affordable rates with high-tech facilities and equipment.

Fortis Hospitals

Featuring next on the list of top 6 hospitals in India, Fortis Hospital is one of the most reputed multi-specialty hospitals in the country. It offers excellent healthcare facilities and services, world-class treatment, and has some of the most renowned doctors in India under its wing. The high-class infrastructure and friendly staff add to its strength. Not only does it have branches across India, but Fortis has also gone international by extending its services to 11 other countries worldwide. The multi-specialty hospital provides complete medical and surgical care under one roof. Patients from across the world come to this hospital to avail different kinds of treatments. It has also earned the name and reputation of being the Asian Pacific region’s Mecca of Healthcare.

Special Highlights

  • This NABH accredited hospital has some of the most advanced Catheter labs in India.
  • It has an in-patient capacity of close to 400 beds with all the modern medical amenities. 
  • Even the I.C.U is well-equipped with all the modern equipment needed to provide constant and top-class medical care. 
  • The hospital also has special programs for new mothers, such as fitness classes and lactation consultation. 
  • Each branch has an in-house pharmacy that operates 24/7 for its patients and their family members.
  • The hospital also has stringent guidelines and standards about healthcare and hygiene on par with the international guidelines. 
  • Additional facilities available include in-flight health support, language assistance, medical tourist visas, etc. 
  • The hospital’s rehabilitation facilities provide all the necessary support for patients who have undergone treatment or debilitating disorders. 
  • The hospital is also known to provide the best services and facilities for patients awaiting an organ transplant. 
  • It is one of the world’s first hospitals to provide digital MRI technology – 3 Tesla. 
  • Caters to medical tourists and provides economically priced all-inclusive packages as well.


Medanta was founded by Dr. Naresh Trehan, a renowned cardiac surgeon, in 2009. Initially, he used to work in the United States as an assistant professor of surgery. Apart from that, he has also worked in many prestigious medical establishments and hospitals across the world. Medanta is a hospital that takes pride across various portals like medical care, research, and training. Medical reviewers and even patients have praised the hospital for its working methodologies and the expertise of the professionals. Moreover, Medanta also handles 32 institutions and 20 separate specialties and is indeed a true example of one of the most advanced hospitals in India.

Special Highlights

  • Medanta- The Medicity is one of India’s most widely acclaimed hospitals that is set on 43 acres of land. 
  • It is one of the multi-specialty hospitals in India that provides world-class facilities and has 20 specialty departments and divisions and 45 operation theatres. 
  • Apart from the 350 beds for critical care patients, the hospital has close to around 1200 beds for in-patients. 
  • Dr. Narsh Trehan is also the recipient of the Padma Shri and Padma Bhusan – two of India’s most highly civilian awards. 
  • Mendota specializes in medical areas like Haematology, Cardiology, Cancer, and Urology and offers specialty treatments in Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgery and Neurosciences. 
  • The hospital also provides customized annual and preventive health checks along with professional consultation services and facilities.
  • Its high-quality healthcare, state-of-the-art treatment, and cross-cultural environment make it one of India’s preferred hospitals. 
  • Numerous patients worldwide choose to come to Medanta for some of the most complex treatments like cardiac ailments and organ transplants.

    PGIMER, Chandigarh

    PGMIR or Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research is one of the oldest and most renowned hospitals in India. It was also the first healthcare establishment to offer Robotic-Assisted Surgery in 2014. The introduction of Robotic surgery was to provide assistance to patients who are diagnosed with or suffering from urinary system diseases. PGIMER is also a fine example of how the eagerness of helping mankind is reflected on the medical brains that are a part of this esteemed institution and healthcare service provider. It has earned a position for itself because of its top-class, high quality customer experience and patient care.

    Special Highlights

    • It has a top-class combination of inpatient and outpatient services, including 24/7 emergency department and ambulance services.  
    • The facility has almost 2000 beds along with indoors and for observation services. It also admits students twice a year into their postgraduate and post-doctoral courses.
    • It is dedicated to the fight against HIV, cancer, and numerous sexually transmitted diseases. It has also earned excellence in kidney, lung, and eye transplants.
    • Apart from that, the hospital is actively involved into healthcare research and provides the necessary support even to the rural areas of the country. Their staff assists and concentrates on the prevention and diagnosis of diseases like tuberculosis and malaria. 
    • It provides consultation services from Specialists and Super-specialist Doctors and has In-house pathology and radiology diagnostic testing.
    • It also has a special research center for genetic and stem cell research and has advanced cardiac, trauma, and eye centers.
    • The research work and healthcare service facilities are on par with the international quality standards and have the Department of Experimental Medicine.
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