Wondering which service provider to go with?

Our team can help you out. We have on board some of the best healthcare service providers in India. We will make your search easy by providing you with all the options available based on your needs and ailment.

Grand Medicare India’s online consultation services

We will make it easy for you to consult a doctor so that you can clear your doubts and queries. Our online consultation services connect you to some of the best medical specialists and healthcare service providers in India.

Grand Medicare provides customized services to suit every budget.

Our team will customize a package based on your needs as soon as you finalize the healthcare service provider. The all-inclusive package will give you a brief idea of how much your treatment in India will cost you.

Are you worried about your visa, travel, and accommodation?

Don’t be. We have a team of travel experts who will guide you accordingly. One of our experienced staff will contact you and tell you whatever documentation would be needed to complete all the formalities before you come to India.

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Grand Medicare is a division of Uniglobe Grand Skies Travel, which is an International Travel Agency established in 2007 & now globally serving in more than 90 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. Recently, Grand Medicare has been set up with the aim to connect people in need of affordable and suitable medical treatment and wellness options with the amazing range of healthcare solutions that are available in India.

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I wanted to go for a facelift and nose job while I was in the US but it was very expensive. I came across Grand Medicare and contacted them telling them about what I needed. The staff was very helpful and made all the arrangements for me. Even the doctor that they recommended was very good and helpful. The clinic was very clean, the staff were professional and also made sure that all the precautionary measures were taken so that I was comfortable. He has done a satisfactory job and I am happy with my results. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.

Nazma Sheikh


Asalamualiakum and thank you Grand Medicare for the care and help you gave me when I came to India. I am happy with services that I got through your company. My wife’s knee operation is successful because you helped me. Your assistant helped me understand what the doctor told me.  Now she is recovering properly and walking everyday 15 minutes and moving without pain or problem. Even my son is happy to see that his mother is fine and not crying with pain. Many people suffer but you help them to become alright. May Allah bless you.

Mr. Ahamad Sheikh

Salalah Oman

My friend came to India through Grand Medicare for his heart operation. He told me his experience and suggested that I should also contact the company for my mother’s treatment. She has been suffering with a weak back and chronic pain for almost 15 years. The doctors here have put her on medicines but recommended Artificial disk replacement surgery. Thankfully, we got it done in India and it was affordable. I was also able to take her to Goa for a week after she recovered from her surgery. The company made all the arrangements for us and also took care of her needs.

Abrafo Musa


As a single mother and sole bread winner, I have a very tough time keeping up with the medical expenses and treatment of my son. He has a heart defect by birth and was in need of a surgical procedure. One of my friends recommended that rather than looking for treatment at home I come to India for his treatment through Grand Medicare. Once I contacted the company, I was surprised at the prompt response and assistance that I got. Even after completing all the formalities, the company made sure that my son got the treatment and surgery he needed within my budget. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance for the timely and smooth service.

Victoria Green, UK

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