About Grand Medicare

We all have heard the saying – Prevention is better than cure, and that is very true. We should never take anything for granted, especially when it is regarding our health. In the last few decades, the world has seen a significant rise in lifestyle diseases and people have become more prone to catching various kinds of ailments and conditions at a very early age.

Why India for medical tourism?

The need for quality healthcare services is growing. Thus, people are traveling to various parts of the world to avail different kinds of health and wellness services and facilities. India is one such country that has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. It is a country that has some of the most renowned healthcare service providers and professionals. Moreover, the advanced treatments and services make our specialists qualified enough to handle even the most complex cases. 

Who are we?

Grand Medicare India is a platform that offers you various types of wellness and healthcare services and facilities. As a division of Uniglobe Grand skies Travel, – an International Travel Agency established in 2007, we serve more than 90 countries across different continents. As an online medical tourism facilitator in India, we provide a one-stop platform for anybody who needs quality healthcare services and facilities.

We address all your health and wellness concerns.

Ever since the day of inception, our prime focus has always been the betterment of our customers. As medical tourism facilitator, we understand the importance of timely medical attention and focus on ensuring that we provide the very best. With the rising cost of healthcare services, our main focus is to get around ways to offer economically priced, pocket-friendly, and affordable healthcare services in India. We even make it a point to tie up with some of the best names in India’s healthcare industry.

What makes us different from the rest?

We are constantly working to ensure that we cater to the diverse health and wellness needs globally. Our aim is to provide healthcare services and ensure that everybody gains access to it within their financial capability. In addition, we also facilitate your needs of follow-up care, specialty medical services, and even planning a vacation post your treatment. We take each case very seriously and through strategic planning, proper coordination, and various services under our wing. Our team of experts makes it possible for any patient to come to India for their treatment. The hospitals and healthcare service providers within our network have all the latest and advanced treatments that you will find worldwide.

Why choose us?

As a medical tourism facilitator in India, we make sure that you have great customer service experiences during your stay in our country. Our company has stringent guidelines and quality parameters that have to be maintained at all times. From pre-checks to post-treatment follow-ups, we will walk with you every step of the way. Along with that, if there are any particular requisites, we will let you know well in advance to narrow down the best healthcare service provider in India to attend to you.

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