Organ Transplant

Organ transplants are surgical procedures that replace dead or damaged organs. An organ can sustain damage due to factors like a traumatic event like an accident, progressive medical conditions, a congenital disability, side effects of a particular medicine, or even a medical condition.

Popular organ transplantation in India


A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure that helps to replace either one or both kidneys that are no longer functioning correctly. The donor can be either a deceased or a live person. Through this procedure, the patient gets a better chance to live an everyday and healthy life thanks to the healthy kidney placed inside.  It is also the last resort for patients suffering from kidney failure.


A liver transplant is recommended for patients that are suffering from acute or chronic liver failure. The partial or whole diseased liver is replaced with a healthy one after a proper match is found. There are many reasons and factors that determine the need for a liver transplant. Based on the patient’s present medical condition, the doctor decides the liver transplant’s urgency and need.


If a person has a damaged cornea, the Cornea transplants help remove part or the entire cornea through a surgical procedure. In this operation, healthy donor tissue is used as a replacement. The Cornea transplant is recommended in case there is severe damage or infection to the cornea. It is also recommended to relieve chronic pain and improve eyesight or vision.

Bone Marrow Transplant

When a person’s bone marrow is destroyed or damaged due to chemotherapy, infection, or diseases, a bone marrow transplant is recommended. This surgical process helps transplant blood stem cells needed by the bone marrow to promote the growth of new bone marrow and produce more blood cells. The extent of damaged caused determines the type of bone marrow transplant. The donor can either be someone who is a family member or a perfect match. The doctor may also extract the bone marrow from the patient’s body before undergoing any treatment and stored it until needed.

Heart transplant

A heart transplant is recommended for patients diagnosed with severe coronary artery diseases or those who pose a high heart failure risk. This surgical procedure is a very delicate yet complicated procedure that requires an experienced hand to carry out the surgery.  The damaged heart is replaced with a healthier one.

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