Mumbai is home to many specialty and super specialty hospitals which offer treatments comparable to the best hospitals of the world. The city is renowned for the high end healthcare system, and healthcare facilities which match global infrastructure, with international accreditation. However, like any other medical tourism destination, there are some treatments which seem to be much preferred by medical tourists. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Most preferred treatments in Mumbai by Medical tourists

1. IVF treatment and Infertility treatments
Many medical tourists come to Mumbai to seek help in completing their family. In the west, IVF and infertility treatments are very expensive, and even out of reach of middle income groups. In Mumbai, these treatments are available at a much lower cost and the success rate is as high as in the best hospitals in other healthcare destinations. Test tube baby, ART procedures, latest IMSI techniques, Embryoscope, and Assisted Laser Hatching technology are just a few of the procedures that are done here.

2. Cosmetic surgery/treatments
Cosmetic surgery not only enhances your face and body, but it also leads to mental well-being. Mumbai has many cosmetic surgery clinics, which perform aesthetic as well as medical cosmetic surgery. Surgical removal of scars, breast reduction and implant surgeries, tummy tuck, liposuction, rhinoplasty, vaginoplasty, varicose vein are some of the cosmetic surgeries which are performed by excellent cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai. All kinds of non-invasive skin treatments, such as fillers and Botox, facelift (surgical and non-surgical) and hair transplant solutions are sought after by medical tourists due to the expertise of Indian surgeons and dermatologists.

3. Arthroscopic surgeries and joint replacement surgery
Medical tourists who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis need knee joint replacement. In Mumbai, surgeons are adept at Hip Joint Replacement, Knee and Shoulder Joint Replacement, Endoscopic spine surgery and Specialized Spine surgeries. The surgeries are performed with the latest techniques and equipment and have a high success rate. High quality treatment coupled with low cost has made Mumbai popular among medical tourists for joint and spine surgeries.

4. Cardiology
Mumbai hospitals are equipped to provide cardiac surgeries such as Coronary Artery Bypass, Valvular Defects and Congenital Cardiac malformations. Angiography as well as angioplasty treatments are provided by the best cardiac surgeons in Mumbai. Indian cardiac surgeons are respected all over the world for their experience and expertise, along with their knowledge of the latest international technology.

5. Transplants
Medical tourists come to Mumbai for numerous organ transplantation procedures too, such as kidney and liver transplants, heart transplants as well as pediatric transplants. The first adult and pediatric liver transplants of India were performed in Mumbai in 1988. Not just heart, kidney, liver but Mumbai has made a name for itself for other transplants such as corneal transplants too. The successful outcome of transplantation procedures has made Mumbai a favorite destination for medical tourists seeking transplantation.

6. Neurosurgery
Neurovascular Malformation (AVM), Brain Injuries and Brain Tumors are some of the preferred neurology treatments. Robotic surgeries comparable to the best in the world are performed with best results. Cancerous tumors in adults and children are removed by experienced surgeons.

7. Ophthalmic surgery
Ophthalmic surgeries such as glaucoma, Lasik surgery for refractive error correction, Occuloplasty, retinal surgeries, tumors and cataracts are performed by Mumbai’s reputed ophthalmologists. Medical tourists with various eye problems, mild to serious have benefited from these treatments which are quite reasonably priced and highly effective. Ophthalmology departments in many hospitals as well as private clinics arrange for everything, ensuring that treatment takes place in a safe and secure environment.

8. Pediatric surgery
Parents of children born with congenital defects are filled with despair when treatment in their own country is so expensive that it is out of reach. Mumbai is a good option for parents who want treatment for their children who have congenital defects, including Congenital Heart defects. T-O fistulas in kids are also resolved in Mumbai.

Wellness treatments

India’s traditional therapies such as Ayurveda seek to heal a person holistically. The physical problem is considered to be a manifestation of some deep seated neurological, mental or emotional disturbance, especially in chronic cases. Traditional Ayurvedic and Unani practitioners offer suggestions as to how a person can lead a stress free life, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Maharashtra, especially Mumbai has come up as a wellness destination, where medical tourists avail of the wellness services. The well-being of the body, mind and soul is nurtured. Wellness centers and Ayurvedic spas are being preferred by medical tourists as a way to de-stress and experience holistic healing. Mumbai offers world class treatments in every field to medical tourists who seek treatment for various ailments. Healthcare facilities have JCI and NABH accreditation which ensures they are safe, affordable. Mumbai is an entrancing, vibrant city with something of interest for everyone, with many beautiful tourist spots. Medical tourists can spend some relaxing time with their caregivers enjoying the sights of Mumbai, after their treatment is complete.

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