Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is a special kind of tourism that helps people avail the best healthcare services and facilities. It is a perfect option for those who cannot afford high or expensive healthcare services in their home country or elsewhere, or in case the wait for availing the treatments is high. Traveling to a new destination also gives a person a chance to take a break from the regular schedule and enjoy a well-planned holiday along with improvement in their health.

Medical tourism is not a new concept, since ancient times people have travelled across the globe to access treatment options as they are more effective, more advanced or more economically priced than normally available to them.

Why India?

Some of the best hospitals in India are on par with those present in more developed countries like UK and USA, albeit at much lower cost and much faster access to critical treatments. For example, A cardiac bypass operation in India costs less than $10,000, versus over $100,000 in western countries. Following are some of the major factors which makes India a preferred destination for medical tourism.

  • High quality treatments
  • Low cost
  • Less waiting time
  • Top class care
  • Government support
Why Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and has a prominent place in the world tourist map. Some of the most elite citizens of India, be it businessmen, corporate top honchos or celebrities, reside here. It is natural then, for Mumbai to also house some of the best hospitals in the country. In fact, they are among the best in the world.

I need help selecting a healthcare service provider in India

Grand Medicare India has a skilled and specially trained team of experts who will are available 24/7. We will provide you with a list of healthcare professionals that fall within your budget and assist you in choosing the right one based on your medical needs. Once we receive your medical records and updated reports, we will share them with our medical experts to analyze and understand the treatment course suitable for you. Based on the professional recommendations, we will forward the details to you so that you can decide.

I would like to consult a specialist or doctor before deciding, is that possible?

Yes, Grand Medicare India offers free online consultation services for anyone who wishes to come to India for medical treatment. We can schedule a call based on a mutual time and date so that you can speak to the doctor directly and address all your concerns and queries. Based on the conversation you have with the specialist; you can then decide on which doctor or healthcare service provider you would like to go with and plan your trip to India.

I am on a tight budget but still wish to avail a particular treatment through you. Can you accommodate me?

Sure, Grandmedicareindia medical tourism facilitator in India offers customized packages based on your budget. If you wish to avail a particular treatment through us, let our experts know what you are looking for and leave the rest to us. We will work out a way to help you get the treatment you need, while narrowing down your options. We keep in mind the overall budget you have set and make the recommendations accordingly.

How soon can I get back home post the treatment?

Your trip back home depends on the kind of treatment you have received and the recovery period.  We will be in constant touch with your doctor or specialist in India to understand what type of care you need to make the necessary arrangements. The doctor in India will give us the green signal after ensuring no health complications and concerns may arise while you travel back home. You can go back home as soon as the doctor is satisfied and sure that you are in a better position to fly.

What documents do you need to complete the visa and travel formalities?

Since you are coming to India for your medical treatment, we would need to apply for a medical tourist visa. We would need the following documents from you.

  • A valid passport that has a minimum of 6 months validity before it expires
  • A doctor’s recommendation letter
  • Copy of your passport
  • Address proof
  • Recent passport size photographs – 2 minimum
  • A signed copy of the medical visa application form

If you have somebody accompanying you, then we would need their documents as well so that we can arrange for both the visas.

How can I continue my treatment once I am home, especially since the medicines prescribed are not available?

Don’t worry, we will help you to get all the medicines you need even when you are back home so that your treatment does not come to a standstill. If the medications prescribed are banned in your home country, we will arrange a conference call between the Indian doctor who treated you and the doctor in your home country. Whatever changes that have to be made will be done based on drugs allowed or available in your home country. We can also help you by shipping the medicines across, but you would need to pay for the shipping or courier charges. 

Will I still get quality healthcare services even if I have a low budget?

Yes, Grand Medicare India will not compromise the quality of the healthcare service you get in India. We understand the medical and healthcare can be very expensive. However, we also believe that every person has the right to get the necessary treatment they need. Our experts will work out to ensure that you get the treatment or therapy you need according to your budget. Moreover, we will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the treatment and services you get through us.

Would it be possible for me to rent a place instead of staying in a hotel?

Yes, In India, there are various accommodation options for anybody visiting the country, including medical tourists. If you are not comfortable in a hotel, you can also consider service apartments in India if your stay is short. For those who need to be in the country for a longer time, you can rent out a room or an apartment while you undergo your treatment.

Can I opt for medical and wellness therapies in India while I'm there?

Yes, we can work out a customized package that will not only include your medical treatment; but will also include any wellness therapy that you want. You can plan your Indian holiday to undergo your treatment first and then relax at any of the wellness spas or resorts that we have tie-ups with. You can even decide the duration of your trip based on your preferences and needs.

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