Affordable treatments and the plethora of options of hospitals, trained doctors, medical staff and state-of-the-art technology has made India one of the best places to seek cancer treatment. Some of the top oncological expertise in India is available with our healthcare partners.

More than 100 types of cancers exist and are there that are named after the type of cell or organ from where they originate. The types of cancer can be categorized into different groups.

Major Cancer Categories


It is referred to a category of cancer originating in the human body tissues, in the skin or the tissue of internal organs. It can be further categorized into different subtypes that include basal cell carcinoma, transitional carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.


This category of cancer begins in fat, blood vessels, cartilage, bone, muscle or any other supportive or connective tissue, in cells outside the bone marrow.


This category of cancer originates in blood-forming tissue, which also includes bone marrow.

Myeloma and Lymphoma

This type of cancers starts from the cells of the immune system.

Germ Cell Tumor

This refers to cancers derived from pluripotent cells, most often presenting in the testicle or the ovary.


This category of cancer is derived from immature “predecessor” cells or embryonic tissue. Blastomas are more common in children than in older adults

Options for Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments depends on location in the body, stage, type and extent of the cancer. A number of options available for treating cancer are…

Surgical removal of the tumor, if it is limited to its origin site. Also, lymph nodes and nearby tissue can also be removed by the means of surgery. This surgical procedure can either use laser or conventional instruments.

Radiation Therapy

In this therapy, cancer and certain diseases are treated with ionizing radiation. The cancer cells and their genetic substance are destroyed by ionizing radiation in the area being treated. This therapy makes it impossible for these cells to grow further.

Hormone Therapy

This treatment use hormones, for changing the way hormones helps the cancer grow in the body. This therapy is mostly used in breast cancer and prostate cancer.


Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drug cells. These drugs help in destroying the cancer cells by stopping multiplication or growth at a certain point in their life cycles. This therapy is usually provided in cycles of alternating treatments and rest periods.

Biological Therapy (Immunotherapy)
This therapy indirectly or directly uses the immune system of the body in order to fight cancer. This therapy also reduces the side effects that have developed due to some other cancer treatments.

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